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Pete Lunenfeld

Pete Lunenfeld

Founder, CEO & CTO

Pete Lunenfeld, the driving force behind CurrentWave AI, brings over 30 years of experience navigating the tech landscape with a blend of leadership and customer-centric wisdom.  From igniting innovation in startups to successfully leading large enterprise teams with more than 350 engineers, Pete's career is marked by groundbreaking achievements.

Prior to CurrentWave AI, Pete served as CTO of Truckstop, a powerhouse SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) freight services company.  While at the helm, he oversaw all aspects of technology, R&D, software development, and service delivery.  Moreover, Pete also served as Truckstop's Chief Product Officer, showcasing his exceptional skill in fostering connections, capturing customer loyalty, and inspiring cohesive teamwork.  His unique ability to relate to those he serves and those who bring ideas to life underscores his innovative prowess and unwavering dedication to addressing customer needs.

During his tenure at Truckstop, Pete pioneered one of the industry’s first true generative AI products.  This achievement not only highlighted his commitment to build tools that solve customer problems, but also fueled his inspiration to establish CurrentWave AI and bring the transformative power of generative AI to the business world.


Pete has also played a pivotal role in shaping startup companies, including RMIS, an industry-leading (SaaS) provider of logistics compliance services.  From inception to acquisition, Pete led the software development, engineering, customer success, and product creation teams, sharpening his ability to create innovative technology and deliver superior product-market fit.  As the Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President, Pete led the way in creating software and products customers loved.

Pete brings to the table the seamless combination of technical expertise and business insight, all guided by a straightforward yet powerful belief:  AI’s power is in benefiting people.  This principle resonates through our vision and sets our goal of making AI and the customer experience the heart of our innovation.

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